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The Truck Thing

To be clear by truck we mean pick ups and the various sizes of utility vehicles.

This year we have seen the "truck thing" gain increased momentum in Canada, while some well entrenched models in the utility segment have been disrupted.

Yes...gas is reasonably inexpensive, although on a upward trajectory.

The sedan segment is taking a pounding from the truck utility segment. Everybody wants some sort of a truck/utility and it seems that nobody wants a car.

By now we know that pick ups are popular in many areas of Canada, except dense urban areas. Even in those areas the mid size pick ups are making some inroads.

The various sizes, and segments of utility vehicles are making serious inroads into the car segment. Especially the compact utilities which are quite versatile compared to sedans. The driver sits higher, in numerous instances its AWD, with a reasonable cargo area. Its a useful vehicle...offering a strong value proposition.

Will the truck thing continue in 2017? What do you think?




Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation. Leave a comment if you wish.


This past week we again saw the dark side of humans as well as the bright side. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the folks that have been impacted by the events in Orlando.

At the beginning of the year we shared our thoughts on station wagons. Its interesting to see Mercedes-Benz launch a C Class wagon in Canada, and now an E Class wagon. The classic case of filling every possible niche, with every possible model. Its also interesting to read and hear the comments from various pundits regarding wagons.

If you missed our thoughts on fuel economy, its what you make of it yourself, not the published figures which are for comparison purposes. Create your own fuel economy map for your vehicle.

We think we had an epiphany moment with pick ups. 1-There are folks that expect a pick up to be a morphed luxury car bursting with the latest of everything. Its a truck that can also replace a luxury car. 2- There are others that want a pick up to be a pick up. Sure they want features, but they want a pick up, not a morphed luxury car. We could have a lenghty discussion about either of these perspectives.

The 24 hour race at LeMans starts tomorrow...obvious we remain Corvette Racing fans. Let's not forget the retune of the Ford GT after a 50 years hiatus.

Our usual old race cars a comprehansive story of a Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix.