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Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday the 13th, its the Vroom Room, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation and please tell your friends to join.

Last week there was a substantial pile up of vehicles on the 401 eastbound, fortunately there were no fatalities or serious injuries. You have to wonder how AV's be it cars and heavy duty trucks would have handled the situation of blinding snow, icy road, stopping in time.

Take a few minutes browse the RM Sotheby Arizona 17 auction

NAIAS by the comments from the experts, pundits, journalists was a boring affair this year. Are we forgetting that auto shows are directed at consumers that actually pay an entrance fee and hopefully are assisted in making a vehicle decision.

Detroit is cold in January, if pundits stay in the right hotels its as simple as jumping on the People Mover to Cobo Hall. Have to go somewhere else get a cab from your hotel. If folks are seeking the killer reveal that will attract eyeballs for their publication auto shows are perhaps no longer the place.

The success of an auto show is the attendance from consumers.

What caught our attention at NAIAS, the Kia Stinger, the Lexus LS500 that finally broke the mold, the GMC Terrain by its poor (being polite) styling, the refreshed Camry.

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Stunning photography in this collection of the Best Vintage Racing of 2016...enjoy.



Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Think about this...its already mid January...agreed time is precious.

The doom and gloom mill is turning at full force, as if it all happened yesterday, when in reality its been building for months, if not years.

The other day while driving around in our neighborhood we noticed that a Panera Bread will be opening soon. Its great to finally see one in our area. What does it have to do with cars...nothing.

Now that the NAIAS 16 buzz has subsided. What caught our eye? Buick Avista they might never build it, but its a cool Buick...Lincoln Continental finally a Lincoln that starts to look like a luxury car...Chrysler Pacifica agreed we don't like mini vans but its a refreshing design from the folks that invented the mini van...Mercedes-Benz E Class has a superb interior while the exterior is subdued the reason it caught our eye...Honda Ridgeline finally looks like a truck its about time...the Lexus LC500 is simply stunning.

Yes...all the noise about connected, self driving, autonomous cars by now is tiring, with an aura of its going to happen at some point (we are being polite). Snow, cold, imagine having to correctly clean the "lidar" on the roof to ensure the AV functionality works, let alone dealing with snow, ice, slush, salt, to name a few.

With models trying to cover every nook and cranny of the market, the reality is that 20% of the models, generate 80% of the sales. For some strange reason some things never change. Yes...its a product driven business, and when a product resonates with customers its enduring. But it remains 20% of the product, generating the bulk of the sales.

The Canadian dollar embarked on a dumpster voyage a few months back that continues and endures. Agreed...the pundits, analysts, commentators are having a field day attracting eyeballs. The reality is that we are poorer, its costing us more money...but we knew that several months ago. The difference now is that pundits are seeking a quick fix...really.

Ever wonder the specs and how may OD gears on the Corvette 7 speed Tremec manual transmission? Take a

If you missed our Crappy Cars, its a reminder of some of the stuff we all put up with during the past few decades. Some cars had several levels of crappiness which made it even more interesting. today are dramatically better. 

We started a Tip of the Day section this year, sharing our thoughts and providing advice on different aspects of the auto business.

The auction season will start in Phoenix, and the racing season will start with the Rolex 24 all in the next few weeks.

Out usual old race cars The Best Vintage Racing Photos of 2015.