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Be Your Own Pro Active Editor

A regular at Strada? For years we have suggested, and urged you to be your own editor. To curate what is published on a myriad of platforms, about a gazillion subjects, and events.

Perhaps its even more important today, with a ton of events that incite a wide range of opinions, comments, views, from a wide spectrum of individuals.

Its telling when Google publishes results of the morning after searches for dramatic events. With folks informing themselves after the facts. "How do I edit what I've read, and actions after the facts?"

The Internet is the ideal medium to inform, but more important disseminate knowledge, and empower folks. Agreed we should all be a little better informed, smarter, empowered, and make better decisions. Obvious that its not always the case...but we should be.

Be keenly aware that there is a ton of pedestrian opinions, and knowledge that is disseminated every second. As an example everyone knows something about cars, the auto industry, the car business and so on...the Internet has been a factor in the auto industry for decades now. Empowering everyone with an interest with anything from thought provoking knowledge, to pedestrian autotainement.

Be your own pro active editor to be informed, knowledgeable, and have your thinking provoked.




Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti join the conversation.



If you listen to the Canadian media lately, you would conclude that we are in deep yogurt in Canada. Perhaps we are, at the same time folks keep on living, enjoying their lives, and the moment. Its interesting economic times that are media rich to attract eyeballs.

Sit tight it will turn positive.

If you live in a metro area try driving as if your car is in self driving mode. Stay within speed limits, at reasonable distances from the vehicle in front of you. You will be surprised, if not shocked by the outcome.

A few example:

You are in the left lane of the highway at a reasonable speed above the limit, when the vehicle behind you is on a mission to bulldoze you out of the way.

Changing lanes, and the vehicle in front of you in the original lane decides to almost cut you off by changing lanes at the same time as you. Its the classic case of relying on the blind alert and not looking.

Cars constantly jumping in the safe space in front of you to gain an advantage.

As much as AV's (autonomous vehicles) might save some incidents, they might also create others especially mixing AV's with human driven vehicles.

On the idealistic side, and its encouraginf to see continued idealism in the world. Take a look at by facebook.

All the cacophony on the FCA sales reporting this past week. There are serious incentives for dealers to report vehicles sold to the manufacturer, and start the warranty. Its how manufacturers count sales, and have been counting sales for decades. Increasingly with all sorts of dealer groups there is additional pressure towards the dealers to report vehicles as sold. Its all part of the business. some point that vehicle will be converted to money with a customer.

Last Sunday night returning from downtown Toronto we were working out the Harman Kardon Logic 7 with Hotel California from the Hell Freezes Over CD, on Monday we hear that Glenn Frey of the Eagles passed away.

Our friend @cbaccus has an interesting story on selling his BMW, take a look click.

Impressive photo gallery from the 1957 Sebring Race.