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Rebuilding an Engine

There is a ton of nostalgia in this video. It's a flathead (not a fan), removing an engine with the transmission, hand tools, washing parts, re assembling with new parts. Its all cool...especially if at a stage in your life you were rebuilding engines as a week end project.




Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation. Leave a comment if you wish.


This past week we again saw the dark side of humans as well as the bright side. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the folks that have been impacted by the events in Orlando.

At the beginning of the year we shared our thoughts on station wagons. Its interesting to see Mercedes-Benz launch a C Class wagon in Canada, and now an E Class wagon. The classic case of filling every possible niche, with every possible model. Its also interesting to read and hear the comments from various pundits regarding wagons.

If you missed our thoughts on fuel economy, its what you make of it yourself, not the published figures which are for comparison purposes. Create your own fuel economy map for your vehicle.

We think we had an epiphany moment with pick ups. 1-There are folks that expect a pick up to be a morphed luxury car bursting with the latest of everything. Its a truck that can also replace a luxury car. 2- There are others that want a pick up to be a pick up. Sure they want features, but they want a pick up, not a morphed luxury car. We could have a lenghty discussion about either of these perspectives.

The 24 hour race at LeMans starts tomorrow...obvious we remain Corvette Racing fans. Let's not forget the retune of the Ford GT after a 50 years hiatus.

Our usual old race cars a comprehansive story of a Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix.




The Decision - Ford GT

Cool video with nostalgia...



Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Maserati Levante

Think of this, we are already in March, with hardly any snow this winter in the GTA, mind you winter is not over yet. Agreed...we had a flavor of snow a few days ago. While time has accelerated by a few increments, or is it more than just a few?

Fascinating perspective on some of the hot real estate markets in

A few months ago it struck us, that metal must resonate to finalise a purchase decision, at the time we did Metal Epiphany. Today we have stronger beliefs that the metal must resonate to actually close a deal. But it must also feel right too.

Did you know that you can "undent" plastic bumpers? Take a

Yes...increasingly you have to be your own editor, some of the content that is published is from very fertile imaginations. It almost boggles the mind as to how some folks generate content for the sake of content.

From Dean's Garage a fascinating postcard from almost 100 years ago on the Ford Plant at Rouge River. From back in the day when the auto industry was emerging, and building components and assembling cars was a novelty.

Our usual old race cars from the Goodwood Members Test Day.





The Race Of Gentlemen

Epic video...enjoy on a Saturday.




2000 Ford F150 Harley-Davidson

Fascinating and informative conversation with Jay Leno about his 2000 F150...which will be auctioned at Barrett Jackson with proceeds going to MS.

Sold last night for $ 200,000.00 with Jay Leno on the auction block.





Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti. Join the conversation. Yes...somethings don't change...the Vroom Room is one of them.


Now that you have ingested several perspectives on how 2016 will develop. We hope that you have your own perspective, and strategy. A positive attitude with a healthy sense of humour is essential in a world that can literally change in an instant.

In case you did not know CES 2016 is on in Las Vegas...really how could you not know. Especially with all the buzz on self driving cars, as if they are almost around the corner. Engines, transmissions, brakes, tires, are so passe from a technology perspective at CES. week is NAIAS 2016 in Detroit, and the start of the 2016 auto show circuit.

This week you heard that GM is investing 500M in Lyft to take a position in Cloud Transportation as we called it a few months ago. Agreed 500M is an appreciable sum.

Every year Wards has the Ten Best Engine contest, comparison. A while back we were watching a Head 2 Head with a Z28 and a GT350R. The Z28 has a stout small block with a substantial displacement, and horsepower (looked like the winner to us from the get go). The GT350R has this new 5.2L engine with totally impressive horsepower, and rev capabilities.

These 2 cars going Head 2 Head on a race track, the power generated by the 5.2L is epic, while revving to 8,000 RPM. Here is The Colonel a die hard Chevrolet "fan boy" observing a Ford winning.

Obvious that for 2016 Wards calls the Ford 5.2L the winner of the 10 best.

Canadian Sales

Did December lose momentum, or was it a case of sales management? We will see at the end of this month. In the meantime for the first time in history FCA is the leader in Canada...truly a wow moment. Among the MerBimAu gang, its Mercedes-Benz that had an appreciable lead.

Yes...almost hit 1.9M (1.8985) units never seen before in Canada.

Our habitual old race cars "To call the Righini Collection unique does not do it justice, as the setting alone — a 15th century castle set among Lambrusco vineyards — is incomparable as are the cars and the circumstances surrounding their addition to the Righini family"...impressive Click.




What Happened To Station Wagons?

On several occasions we have made references to the current crop of "utility" vehicles being the modern or current versions of station wagons from way back in the day.

Think of this, current sales of utility vehicles are through the roof, while sales of station wagons were always subdued, to now being almost non existent.

What is the deal with station wagons?

At one time there was a wagon version of almost every car line and model of cars offered by every manufacturer. There was literally a compact car wagon to a full size wagon. The more popular versions were the full size with a frame, a bigger than smaller engine, and a towing option to enhance the versatility of the usefulness of the wagon.

1975 Buick Estate Wagon

You can quickly imagine a mid size, and full size utility vehicle instead of wagons in the photo. Keep in mind that wagons have an improved rear biased weight distribution than a sedan...these full size wagons with a positraction rear axle were solid performers in snow.

Some years later...

1993 Subaru Lagacy Wagon AWD

As we all know there have been all wheel drive versions of wagons offered by several manufacturers through the years. 

The criteria was to offer a wagon that was at the same or only marginally higher ride height than a car. The wagon was/is the utility version of the car.

Perhaps because Ford did not have a Suburban, think of this now...50 years ago they offered the Bronco as a smaller sized alternative.

1966 Ford Bronco

Here is a utility vehicle with an appreciably higher ride height than a car, or station wagon, that is completely utilitarian especially with a solid front axle, and locking hubs.

The increased ride height has a strong feminine appeal...keep the thought.

At one point, with technology enabling simplified all wheel drive application, the final steps in morphing the station wagon and a utility vehicle were possible.

The rest as we say is history...

The station wagon had a niche, the utility vehicle had a niche, morph the 2 together with a higher ride height, and suddenly its a market with a huge potential.