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Headlamps and Taillights

If perhaps as a kid you remember the single 7 inch 6 volt headlamp, tell us about it.

If you remember the evolution of single to dual round, and dual rectangular headlamps, to halogen lights, we could keep on going but you surely grasp our thought vector.

During the past few years headlamps offer a light show, and brand recognition for numerous vehicles. Think of it in many instances you can tell the make of a vehicle simply by the shape generated by the LED component of the headlamps.

With the ongoing evolution towards LED headlamps, now they are even cooler in design, and brighter too, perhaps too bright at times.

Way back in the day, most kids could tell the make of cars by the shape of the taillight...if you remember those days, you surely want to tell us about it.

Today its a light show out there.

Here is the deal

The other day on a 400 series highway we come across a bold set of vertical LED taillights, you can spot them from a good distance, and yes...its a Slade.

How can you miss the massive vertical taillights of an Escalade?

How much time and energy was invested in designing those tailights?

They sure are bright too.

Agreed...the Slade is an over the top example its in your face, and you immediately know what it is. Most vehicles have cool taillights that are distinctive.

If you have noticed during the photo shoot of the vehicles we review the lights are always on. And we make it a point the show the headlamps and taillights of the vehicles.

At times you get these moments where a vehicle on the road momentarily grasps your attention and this Slade just captured our attention.

If the taillights are bold and in your face, the LED headlamps are simply impressive.

Vertical design same as the taillights.

The headlamps make a compelling statement same as the taillights. Yes...they invested considerable resources in designing the headlamps too.

If you have noticed LED headlamps are comprised of individual rectangular elements. You could almost call them "individual bulbs". Low beam will light up so many, and high beam the remaining elements. Yes...they can be individually aimed for an imporved lighting pattern.

Its a light show at night, and a long way from the 7 inch 6 volt round headlamps.