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Expect The Unexpected

Do we have advice for 2017? Simple..."Expect the unexpected"

If you think its going to happen it might not, and if you think its not going to happen it just might develop; so expect the unexpected.

As we always say, be your own editor, and connect your own dots.

Does it mean that everything will turn into a surprise? No...a lot of plans, goals, will develop as expected, but anticipate disruptions from directions that perhaps you did not consider.

Canadian Sales:

Do we expect Canadian Sales to set another record in 2017?

Utility Vehicles:

We all expect utility vehicles to continue their upward trend in replacing sedans.


We expect a continued shift towards "mobile".


Do we expect construction of new homes, and real estate to continue as a force in the Canadian economy?

We could keep on going, but you surely grasp our thought vector...



Connect More Dots

Do we start connecting more dots on the last day of the month?

At times its just a gut feel, and in an age of technology, big data, data mining, going by some sort of instinct could be foolish, and perhaps even dangerous.

On the last day of October we urge you to connect more dots.

Agreed...we are already connecting a bunch of dots, and seeking additional variables that might have an impact. Its already complex.

Take the time, make the effort connect more dots...agreed its not easy.

Which dots to connect?

The ones you glanced over, the ones that seemed "totally not important", the ones that appeared in the past few days.

Why you should consider/connect more dots? Strada we believe that in Canada we are at a pivot point in the economy. While every expert, pundit has an opinion (sound bite), true insight is well hidden.

Connect additional dots for yourself, perhaps even disrupt yourself to gain additional insight, and formulate a better strategy.

Who has the time to connect more dots?

Nobody...its easier to gather "sound bites", and repeat sound bites.