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Urban Congestion

We often make references to congestion on highways especially in major urban areas. Its traffic, it takes longer, it requires patience.

Although the photo is slightly out of focus, you can see that The Colonel travelled 29 kms at an average speed of 27 kph it took over 1 hour. The fuel economy was 15.1 L/100 kms...yes also a little chilly outside at minus 9 C.

There are sound bites about self driving cars, fuel economy, winter tires, and so on and on. Having to endure congestion is part of the urban reality these days. Do we really focus on how much time, and resources are wasted in dealing with congestion?

There are hundreds or is it thousands of vehicles/drivers enduring the same situation on that specific highway, at that time. Obvious there are several other highways/roads that are also congested.

As you sit in a car dealing with congestion its easy to immediately think about AV's (autonomous vehicles) that would make it more productive (on the premise that you could be doing something else). Then the thought goes to "Are we really on the cusp of having full on AV's?" and as you continue to crawl "Don't think so" immediately comes to mind.

Even as CES is going strong in Las Vegas and AV's are navigating parking lots, for some reason AV's in winter in Canada...perhaps its not a done deal just yet.

In the meantime we endure congested highways, poor usage of time, and resources (gasoline).



Autonomous Vehicles and Boomers

The other day we were reading that Boomers have reservations towards autonomous vehicles, self driving cars, or whatever else you want to call them.

It seems that Boomers have reservations, while Millennials are favorably predisposed towards AV's.

Go figure...

At Strada we have The Colonel who is a Boomers and at times a crusty one too.

Here is the deal...

Driving is increasingly a lost art, especially in major metro areas. Who focuses to drive anymore? Reflect on this for a moment.

Its mind boggling the deterioration of "driving" in big cities. Perhaps folks are aggravated to simply have to get in a vehicle and deal with congestion.The art of driving takes a back seat to having to deal with a congested environment.

Not much fun, satisfaction, or enjoyment.

Boomers learned to drive in a dramatically less congested environment, experienced cars with a strong level of power, and a minuscule level of safety. The lack of congestion was often an invitation to do things that were not the wisest.

There was a sense of satisfaction in having to focus to drive, and being aware that cars were not safe.

If you even remotely think that a "gear head" Boomer enjoys driving today, you are making some strong assumptions.

At Strada we believe that the average Boomer would rather be driven in metro congestion, than drive.

One example...

In the early days the HOV (High Occupancy) lane was a reasonably fast or faster than the regular lane. In 2016 without fail some "robot" is in the HOV lane within 1 kilometer of the vehicle in front of them staying below the speed limit. Mind boggling.

Another example...

In congestion, leaving a couple of car lengths between your vehicle and the one in front makes for a smoother drive. In 2016 the additional car length is an absolute invitation for someone in the next lane to use up the space. It happens every time without fail.

From our perspective AV's are the way to go for Boomers, that are at a stage in life where dealing with congestion is not a pleasant or satisfying experience. Not only that, but AV's that are smart enough to go park themselves, and come back when called upon.

What do you think?