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Think about this, dealers have been around for as long as cars have been around. The dealer/franchise business model has endured for decades.

Similar to AV's disrupting the established driving business model.

There are a bunch of forces that are disrupting the dealer business model, and the relationship between a manufacturer and the customer.

Will manufacturers or dealers bring about change? Highly unlikely.

Will the product drive some change? Probably...

Will the customer continue to drive change? Absolutely...




Forks In The Road

A thought provoking read...




Change and More Change

At a time when anyone can publish, how often do we read nuggets or longer sound bites about change here, disruption there, innovation somewhere else, often all in the same sound bite.

By now we should all be so proficient at it, they collectively we could get flipped over, turned 180 degrees, and it would be perfectly normal.

Somewhere in the various discussion, and conversations, the fact that we are humans, that we are an old classic model going back a few thousand years is overlooked.

At some point you come across a few hard questions, or choices, the image, the branding quickly gets diluted and you start seeing the "primer coat" of folks around you. Its a fascinating process, often filled with anxiety, stress, and a myriad of other human emotions.

These are not life and/or death situations, its merely being in business, being innovative, being disruptive, being prepared to change. Agreed...there is a difference between reading about it, and being an active player in the process.

At times a minor tweak or incremental adjustement that is barely noticeable. What starts as an infinitessimal ripple, can at some point become a tsunami of change.

We always urge you to connect dots, to be astute and connect your own dots especially the ones that resonate with you.

The sound bites are all over the place, the facades, the branding, the optics are a constant reality. Seek the insight that is usually hidden from plain sight, or is staring at you in plain sight.

What does this have to do with the car business?

Perhaps nothing, perhaps a whole lot...its your decision.

One thing is certain when change comes your way, if you are ill prepared, have not done your due diligence, lacked vision and boldness. At some point you will lose, you will be empowered to control the magnitude of your loss.

In the auto play the game to WIN.