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Reality...After The Dog Days of Summer

This morning we all re engage with reality after the Dog Days of Summer.

Perhaps we are all a little less laid back, and have cranked up the reality meter over the long week end.

As you scan the immediate horizon there are 4 months remaining till the end of the year, you wonder where the time went, and where it will go as we near the end of the year.

Auto Sales

We anticipate auto sales in Canada to continue the record breaking pace since the beginning of the year. Reinforcing the unique Canadian mobility model.

Auto Business

Yes...the union will make its voice heard in the negotiations to have various assembly plants remain in Canada. There will be noise, posturing, a myriad of opinions, and a workable solution will be agreed upon for the short term.


Autonomous vehicles will continue to capture attention, its the next leap for cars. Its a compettive arena that will continue to expand.

Canadian Consumer

Will continue to power the Canadian economy, while businesses continue to hold back investments based on various vectors of insecurity, and maximising profits. Keep in mind that CMS (Citizen Main Street) has endured the brunt of the decreased value of the Canadian dollar.

Suggestion for You

  1. 1-At the end of each workday, write down the six most important things you need to accomplish tomorrow. Do not write down more than six tasks.
  2. 2-Prioritize those six items in order of their true importance.
  3. 3-When you arrive tomorrow, concentrate only on the first task. Work until the first task is finished before moving on to the second task.
  4. 4-Approach the rest of your list in the same fashion. At the end of the day, move any unfinished items to a new list of six tasks for the following day.
  5. 5-Repeat this process every working day.

  6. Read the whole




An Ocean Of Opinions

As we slowly (you wish) progress towards reality next week. We can still be a little whimsical on these last few days of the Dog Days of Summer. Might as well take advantage of it...


Hopefully you had a wonderful summer with your family and friends, enjoyed the warm climate, sun, and activities that we all do in the summer. Created your own memorable moments. Agreed...there is little time to catch up. Is climate change a reality? What do you think?

Real Estate

In Canada there is a new opinion every day on the health, frothiness of the real estate market. Especially in Toronto and Vancouver. It seems that everyone is an expert, everyone quotes the other expert on various snippets of the market.

As per the opinion of experts an adjustment if not an outright crash is just around the corner. What do you think?

The reality is that the market is on fire and will remain on fire for the foreseeable future.


Pent up demand, its just a blip, and so on. We have been saying for quite some time that the Canadian model has migrated from ownership to mobility and will continue to migrate towards mobility. Reflect on this for a moment...owning a vehicle is no longer the accomplishment that it was a few years ago..


In an age of social media, everyone is in the eyeball business. How to attract eyeballs for a nano second to generate more views, hits, and whatever else it will take. When an insignificant event on the other side of the planet is covered by media for days running, complemented by opinions through Skype from some obscure expert.

Its the quest for eyeballs.


You are very good at what you do, it looks simple. World class athletes make it look easy, almost to the point that anyone can do it. A competent car makes it feel very easy. Inevitably we get embroiled with the technology, the complexity, and often forget the simplicity.

Needless to say that the various opinions merely obfuscate the simplicity.

Technology in Cars

Its the immediate battleground for most manufacturers. Its no longer my engine or transmission is better. Back in the day a Turbo Hydro automatic transmission was a global benchmark. Today its technology in the auto business, and especially the product. Lets not forget a bunch of disrupters on the side lines waiting for opportunities to pounce.

My car has more technology than yours...

Canadian Economy

Still powered by CMS (Citizen Main Street) and will continue to be powered by CMS, and cheap money from Canadian banks. Lets not forget all the doomsayers that are predicting an imminent crash. There is too much skin in the game with CMS. Lets talk about a bunch of other stuff, and lets make sure CMS remains upright.


Reflect on this...decades ago there was the oil shock with prices sky rocketing, now its another oil shock with prices plunging. Obvious that Alberta takes a hit...

Interest Rate

You can see a mild rate increase coming on the horizon at some point. Imagine a 25 point increase, it will be depicted as an earth shattering event, generate ocean and ocean of opinions on the upcoming doom.

We could keep on going...




Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

With the ongoing shift from sedans to utilities, manufacturers that lose too many sedan sales, and don't gain enough utility sales are behind at the end of the month. Lost 10 sedans gained 8 utilities is still a loss of 2 units. Its a fine balancing act for any manufacturer to ideally gain incremental sales within the utility segment.

Mixed Signals

Have you noticed all the mixed signals we all get on a daily basis? One thing is going this way, the other that way, another in the middle. If journalism is part reporting, and part making sense of the news. At times it seems its easier to just report than make sense of the whole thing. constantly have to be your own editor, and arrive at your own conclusions that are relevant to you.

Consider the following, real estate and auto sales are through the roof in Canada, jobs are diminishing, exports are dimishing, the CDN dollar remains in the dumpster.

By now its obvious that CMS (Citizen Main Street) is charting his own course.

Business Model

The Canadian auto sale business model is a few years ahead of the US...yes it is. In Canada we never had the "great depression" that everyone has been talking about for the past several years. In Canada we have progressed from ownership to mobility. In Canada we export used vehicles to the US which promotes additional new vehicle sales.

Cool Stuff

Take a look at Period caught our attention.

Our usual old race cars from the HMSA Laguna Seca Invitational 2016...enjoy.





Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

We are half way through the Dog Days of Summer, its been quite warm which is a good thing, its summer. Agreed we have been chasing after a bit of extra time this week. Yes...time remains a precious commodity for everyone, and especially for The Colonel.

The way some folks drive, self driving vehicles are not arriving soon enough. Its vacation time, there are more folks on the roads. Be patient, understanding, allow additional time, be prepared for anything and everything. Fascinating...lets leave it at that.

Canadian Sales

After everyone throttled up in June to finish the first half. The strategy played out differently in July, with a decrease of almost 3% from the previous year, Still a strong July...the Koreans increased their sales while the Japanese coasted. Ford had a strong month, while FCA must be already adjusting the reporting of its sales with a drop of 14% from the previous year. The Germans are on their own trajectory of monthly increases. A good month for the car business. Yes...trucks, more trucks, and more trucks.

The other day we were observing the thought process of some folks "I'm going to buy the least expensive, left over version that nobody wants, and then I'm going to spend money for accessories, especially wheels and tires". From our perspective spend the money to get "more car" first, not accessories. It might just be a car that goes beyond fuel economy...

If you remember a while back we shared our thoughts on premium economy

The Germans that are actively engaged in the premium economy segment, that most folks identify as luxury are doing very well for themselves in Canada. Most of the experts, pundits, automotive digerati call it luxury...its not luxury, its premium economy and doing very well in Canada.

We could not pass it up Italian Automotive Renaissance.




Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti. Join the conversation...leave a comment.

FCA is being investigated by the SEC regarding their reporting of sales. It will be not only interesting but also enlightening to see what will transpire. As well as the myriad of comments and opinions that it will generate.

In case you missed it, we had another adpative cruise control experience with a Prius V, it was totally cool. Take a look here.

This week we also shared our thoughts on Canadian Sales for the first half of

Its the Dog Days of Summer, there is road maintenance, construction, yellow pylons all over the place, and we mean all over the place. Lets not forget the lane restrictions which makes it even more interesting. Then its the  congestion heading up to cottage country on a Thrusday night for the week end.

Fascinating how some folks never change, or change very little, or remain encrusted in a layer of "deja vu". We hope that during the Dog Days of Summer you take the time to refresh.

Old race impressive photo gallery from the Hawk at Road America.





Canadian Sales - First Half 2016

Our thoughts on Canadian sales for the first half of 2016.

Yes...record shattering...



2016 Canadian CEO Outlook

What does it have to do with the auto business, perhaps not much, or a lot. You be the judge.

Its an informative and fascinating survey.



Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

In 2016 call it whatever you want, the self driving technology in vehicles is not at a level where the vehicle self drives and you the driver can take a nap. Or be doing some other activity completely unrelated to driving.

Its fascinating to see pundits have opinions on the Tesla accident in Florida, and more interesting who is to blame.

From our experiences with "adaptive cruise control" we can perhaps understand how a vehicle with the adaptive cruise control activated can direct itself under a trailer.

Canadian Sales

A record shattering first half of the year. What else can we say...up 6% from last year. Which reinforces that in Canada we are continuing to shift from ownership to mobility for a monthly payment.

Canada Post

The classic example of how to talk yourself out of business, and put the customer last. With all the noise that was made of going on strike at the end of June, most folks have taken alternate solutions. Think of it writing a check and putting it in the mail to pay a bill is an exercise in nostalgia.

Dog Days of Summer

Its been wonderfully warm...which is expected in the summer.

Our habitual old race cars from the SVRA Indy Brickyard Vintage Race 2016.



Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the discussion.

As we progress towards the Dog Days of Summer, and its almost the end of June. Think of this 2016 is half done already. We agree time is accelerating...


On this morning of the Brexit, with presumably no going back, and financial markets in a state of agitated turmoil. Let's not forget the Prime Minister resigning after the LEAVE vote. Its a unique opportunity for a myriad of experts, pundits, analysts to share their thoughts.

Yes...the dust will settle, it will become yesterday's news....

Le Mans

What can we say Corvette Racing was somewhere in the pack. It looked like Toyota had the overall win, until the last 5 minutes. The Ford GT replicated the same strategy as 50 years before. Interesting race with an element of unpredictability this year.


Game 7 was thrilling, and yes...LeBron James is very good. Who would have thought that the Cavaliers were going to win the championship at the 3-1 mark in the series.


Perhaps there are folks in Canada that persist in seeing hockey as a "Canadian Thing", when the reality says that its no longer the case.


Is it possible that some folks are understanding that the retail auto business remains centered in the showroom. While its humans that continue to make all the difference.


Are you surpirsed that Martin Winterkorn after promptly resigning, is being investigated?

Safety Inspection

In Ontario new safety inspection parameters will be in effect on July 1st.

Canadian Sales

Month end is on Thursday, it will be interesting and fascinating to see how sales developed for the month and the first half.

Panama Canal

The expanded version of the Panama Canal is opening tomorrow June 26. What does the Panama canal have to do with cars? At one time European made vehicles headed for western Canada would cross the Panama canal.

Our usual old race cars from Indianapolis - SVRA Brickyard Invitational impressive gallery.



Is It Still Canada 1 vs US 10

Been in the auto business for a few years or decades. You surely remember when Canadian auto sales were 1 tenth of US, or US sales were 10 times Canada. It all made sense, 10 times the population in the US, kinder climatic conditions. Way back in the day folks in the US were more levereged than Canada.

Consider recent sales...the US is appreciably behind Canada, or better yet Canada is way ahead.

At 10 times Canada the US should be at 19 million annual sales not 17 million.

Have you noticed that no one is asking "How come?"

This morning we are responding to "How come?" and "What has changed?"

How come?

Canada: is on a mobility model, and has been migrating towards mobility for several years.

US: remains on the static tried and true ownership model.

Can we conclude that the mobility model moves more iron than the ownership model? Absolutely.

What has changed?

Canada: the Canadian consumer espoused mobility over a decade ago, when leasing comprised 50% of vehicles sold. in 2016 mobility is reinforced by converting negative equity from one vehicle to the next.The Canadian consumers has a limited desire to own their mobility device.

US: persists in the ownership model, with the same finance terms, same percentage of leasing as Canada in 2016. Perhaps due to the milder climate, the US consumer is focused on ownership, keeping a vehicle longer, and a stronger desire to own the mobility device.

Fascinating that most analysts, pundits, experts never mention the difference in the Canadian mobility and US ownership business models.