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Global Sales November 2016

When a chart tells the whole story...

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We are getting closer to Christmas...

Cadillac vs Lincoln

Lets roll back to a time when Cadillac and Lincoln ruled the luxury segment in North America. Agreed...we can have a lengthy discussion about what happened, now lets focus on today.

Year to date November Cadillac sold 10,815 units in Canada which is behind last year (11,155) while Lincoln sold 7,732 which is ahead of last year (7,088). You have to wonder how Cadillac can be behind, and Lincoln ahead.

In November Cadillac sold 62 CT6's while Lincoln sold 56 Continentals which is very close. This will get interesting in 2017 observing Cadillac and Lincoln.

Nico Rosberg retiring from F1, we applaud the decision from a balanced individual. There are other things in life than fighting it out within a winning team. Interesting that his father Keke was not in the paddock when he won the championship. Perhaps just a coincidence...or not.


Through the years we have often mentioned passion, and if you are wondering where the Strada passion comes It goes back a few generations and a few years, and we still don't have all the answers. But we still have a ton of passion.

Its from the start "Passion in everything that we do. We don't follow, we lead...".

An informative opinion on autonomous vehicles, mobility and car 

John Glenn...Godspeed.

Our usual old race cars from the Ferrari Celebration at Daytona...enjoy.



Canadian Sales November 2016 

At the end of October we were observing the "tea leaves" and wondering if sales in Canada were pivoting downward, or would continue their upward climb and set another record for 2016.

Although still ahead for the year at the end of October the signals were mixed with a few downward months starting in July.

One vector, every manufacturer will simply continue in their path and have minor increases or slight devreases...its already an almost record year.

The other vector, November is the last month of the last quarter with no interference from the Christmas season, and there is the real possibility that a few manufacturers will throttle up to gain sales. Especially that in reviewing the year there might be left over funds for incentives, and might as well use them to conclude the year.

Here is General Motors that was a laggard for the entire year finally decide to seriously throttle up with an appreciable increase in November and sort of stay ahead of the curve for the year. You have to wonder what finally possessed the folks at GM to make the throttle up decision.

Obvious that Ford merely continued on its 2016 strategy with an interesting increase for the month.

If you are wondering GM and Ford generated over 70% of the increase in sales in November from the previous year. Do you think trucks had something to do with the increase?

Wondering about now its obvious that they have hit a wall of reality with their ever increasing sales story line. Still give them credit for moving a ton of iron in Canada.

VW continues to struggle for the month and year, although the situation seems to be improving.

MerBimAu (Mercdes-Benz-BMW-Audi) continue to increase their sales.

The success story that is rarely mentioned is Subaru which continues to reinforce its brand, and increase sales.

Honda and Toyota are always in the "game" its a constant.

The Koreans as usual also stay in the game.

November was a record month in Canada, better than a ton of previous Novembers.





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Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti. Join the conversation, and please tell your friends.


Its also Remembrance Day lets take a monet to be thankful for all the folks that made a contribution in the various conflicts.

In case in missed...Disruption or What is a post we made last Friday while we were "gone fishing" urging you to be ready to disrupt yourself. Looking at it this morning it was prescient in light of events that followed a few days later.

In Canada we heard Hilary was going to win from the various media and news outlets from folks who supposedly knew what they were talking about. In South Florida all we heard is Trump from folks that actually vote. You have to wonder how come the media was not listening.

Agreed...a bunch of folks got disrupted, and caught totally flat footed.

Canadian Sales

Not a spectacular October but not so bad either, and still ahead for the year. As we said "Is the last quarter a pivot?". Its starting to look like "something" is pivoting. Yes...we will have a better understanding of the something as we progress in the quarter.

To provide you with some insight, at first blush it seems that the finance terms are either getting shorter (almost unthinkable) or there is less pulling ahead and rolling over of deficiencies.

Our usual old race cars and a few drivers too from the Goodwood Revival...enjoy the impressive photo gallery.





Is The Last Quarter A Pivot?

October is the first month of the last quarter of 2016, big deal we all know that. Absolutely, and in a few days October will conclude, and we will get an improved overview of how the quarter will develop, the year, and the horizon for 2017.

Its a loaded sentence...lets take a look at the auto business in Canada.

  • At the end of the 3rd quarter it remained a record year with signs of a slow down.
  • The mortgage rules changed half way in October. What does it have to do with the auto business, perhaps nothing...
  • CMS (Citizen Main Street) by now fatigued of powering the Canadian economy.

Are we reaching a pivot point?

  • Longer term financing has remained a constant for the past few years.
  • The auto business is pulling ahead on the terms and rolling over deficiencies.
  • CMS can easily pull back on the terms, and seek an elusive equity position.

In a few days we will have a clearer picture of the landscape.



Citizen Main Street and Money

Sometime ago we coined "Citizen Main Street" or CMS for short as the average individual in Canada. From our perspective at the time CMS was a better term than consumer, or customer, or prospect, or owner, or credit card holder, and so on.

We all know who we are, what we do, how we do it, the possessions we have, and so on, and on.

Take this individual put him on main street, anywhere in Canada, and that is CMS.

CMS buys all sorts of stuff, including cars, utilities, real estate to name a few. CMS has kept the Canadian economy humming along for a few years now.

We has been flowing freely in Canada for several years, and there is an entire generation of CMS that has grown, evolved, with easy access to various forms of credit.

Obvious there are the pundits, experts, analysts, and various organisations all expressing opinions, and lately increasingly dire messages, about dire consequences towards CMS, and Canada.

We keep on hearing about the great depression of 2008/09 which sort of never happened in Canada. We know that many Canadian companies, or the Canadian arm of companies from other countries are sitting on a ton of money, and not investing it in Canada.

Yes...CMS cannot keep the Canadian economy going on indefinitely...we all knew that...or should have known that years ago.

Hopefully you grasp our direction here.

What does it have to do with the car business? need prodigious amounts of money to make the business work.

There is an entire generation of CMS that has evolved with computers, technology, smart devices, easy access to credit, easy access to loans for education, easy access to loans for vehicles, and easy access to mortgages.

In many instances "big brother" was somewhere in the back ground facilitating the various "financial services" in one fashion or another. Like all human endeavors there are always areas for abuse, and perhaps even for greed to kick in.

Now "big brother" is altering the ground rules in some areas of the financial services applicable to real estate. Which is generating a myriad of opinions from literally everyone, with an undertone of dire consequences.

What does it have to do with the auto business in Canada? What do you think?




Canadian Sales Three Quarter 2016

It keeps on going...




Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us Happy Thanksgiving...take a moment to be thankful and appreciate.




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Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, and tell your friends.

We again urge you to connect dots, its a fascinating learning experience that can provide you with a competitive advantage. This week we connected dots with a Corvette Gran Sport.

Have you noticed the recalibration in Canadian mortgage rules? You have to wonder if it will have an impact on auto sales? What do you think? A concise overview of the housing landscape in

Canadian Sales

A challenging 3rd quarter but still ahead for the year by 3%. Simply remarkable. Yes...we believe in the mobility business model adopted by the Canadian consumer. Trucks, and more trucks remain the current infatuation. We told you so months ago. FCA after months of steady, unrelenting increases, generates a substantial drop in September.


In one fashion or another we all work each for our own reasons. Yes...for money too.

The entire "work bubble" changes, morphs, changes again, its in constant evolution, with upsides and down sides. Ask yourself...why do you work? What motivates you about your work? Agreed we could keep on going.

Like a good hot rodder, tweak it, adjust it, make it fit, and make your work a great experience for yourself, and those around you.


Have you noticed how many folks identify incentives on vehicles as being stuck with a non selling iron. If you remeber the old days of "Buy a car get a check". By now you should surely know that incentives are an intrinsic part of the auto business.

Incentives move iron, its that simple.

Our usual old race cars from the 2016 Tour Auto Rallye.




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Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, invite your friends.

Have you noticed that when sales are down every manufacturer has a myriad of reasons and positive points (spins) as to why the sales are down, and the various upsides. Reminds you of..."Torture the data until it shows what we want to say".

In the meantime August is a middle of the summer, middle of the quarter month, a "lets hold back on incentives month".

The ongoing shift from sedans to utilities/trucks is impacting every manufacturer.

Sometimes you have to wonder "where the heads are at?". We see a manufacturer looking for an individual to fill a function for one of their aspiring nameplates. You go through the job description which is all encompassing. This manufacturer is seeking an individual with extensive experience, while using all the appropriate buzzwords and acronyms.

In the meantime the job title is "specialist" (obvious that a specialist earns less money than a manager) you can see where this is going.Then you wonder why that particular brand struggles in Canada.

If you have a motorcycle, hopefully you found the time to go for a few bike rides, especially now that its a little cooler. Its still a liberating experience to go for a bike ride.

We just experienced one of those idiotic shifter with additional buttons that are completely counter intuitive, make you wonder "what were they thinking" and are potentially dangerous. You have to wonder why manufacturers insist on designing such a shifter for any vehicle.

The same vehicle with the idiotic shifter has a gas gauge not showing on which side the filler door is located. Go figure...but it all makes sense, to somebody.

The usual old race cars from the Monterey Motorsports Pre Reunion 2016.