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Air Bags

Of all the safety features on any vehicles the air bag was one of the first developed over 40 years ago by General Motors.

Think about this...the air bag is 40 years old.

It goes back to when folks in many instances adamantly refused to buckle up a seat belt in a vehicle. The air bag was there to protect these folks that were refusing to buckle up.

Now its widespread on videos. But way back in the early days of air bags, seeing a vehicle pulled towards a solid barrier with dummies not buckled up; clearly depicted the violence of coming to a sudden stop. Perhaps we still overlook the violent effects of coming to a sudden stop with a vehicle.

Today we jump in any vehicle a quickly overlook the fact that we are surrounded by a bunch of instantly inflatable bags.

Just like coming to a sudden stop is violent, an inflating air bag is just as violent since it has to deploy in a few milliseconds.

Perhaps you remember when air bags were deploying with such force that smaller adults and children could be injured by the air bag.

The bottom line is that all vehicles offer better protection to occupants because of air bags in case of an accident. still need to buckle up.

Obvious that if air bags start grenading, spreading shrapnel when they deploy its a problem...its a huge problem. This problem has been ongoing for a couple of years now with a regular announcement of new cases/possibilities.

You have to wonder who knew what, where, when, how can this keep on going for such a long time?