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Thank You

On the last day of the year after all is said, and done.

We are thankful and appreciative for what we have at Strada.

We hope that you take time to be appreciative for what you have, and be thankful.

THANK YOU to our friends, readers that always encourage us to keep the passion alive.



Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the last Vroom Room of 2016, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation; and please tell your friends.

Another year has gone by, it was our 10th year of publishing Strada. Yes...we have been around for over 10 years. Its a bit of a Wow moment...10 years...with The Colonel (who is this guy) and the Strada Crew still going strong.

With only a day left in 2016, we are anxious to start a new year, and even more anxious to see what it will bring, and what will develop. In the meantime lets be thankful that we can all put another year behind us.

We used to say "The only constant is change", perhaps for 2017 we should say that the only constant is "disruption". It will be fascinating to see what 2017 will bring to the planet.

Our usual old race cars from the Yorkshire Buccaneer Rally.





How We Publish Strada

With the increasing amount of content, and sound.

Perhaps you might be interested in how we publish Strada.


Our editorial vector/direction has been a constant through the years "Passion in everything that we do we don't follow...we lead" and we are not in the news or eyeball business.



Our main platform is Squarespace, we have always been with Squarespace. How come its not flashier? Simple we publish on Squarespace 5, and to not lose any of our content we remain on Squarespace 5. Although we publish other content on a Squarespace 7 platform. But Strada stays on 5 to keep all our content available and searchable from 10 years ago.

On our Welcome page you can see on which platforms we have content.


The Colonel is a strong believer that technology does the grunt work, while the human brain is doing the thinking. We use technology to do the grunt work, to abbreviate time. Strada is generated on an Acer PC from a few years ago, with a 27 inch screen, and a reasonably fast internet connection.

You should know that The Colonel has no patience for any form of slow technology...none.


The Colonel has evolved from SLR cameras, rolls of film, lenses, and a shoulder bag to haul it around.

Now you see all these folks with cameras, lenses, more lenses, and so on. Agreed it looks very professional. The Colonel believes that the technology in the camera should do the work. While the camera fits in a pocket.

Yes...we use Pic Monkey to edit some of our photos. The crew will also use an iPhone to do shoots,

Background Sound:

You need some sort of background sound while generating content. In our case Sirius XM is the provider both on the PC and in the car. The channels 6-7-8-17-26-66-70 to name a few. Surround sound, absolutely.


By now you surely know that we only generate content for Strada, we have 10 years of searchable content on the publication. You also know that our content provides insight and incites a thought process. That you are an enthusiast, in the auto business, or just curious; the content is to initiate a thought process.

Our content is not in the news business, the click or eyeball business.


We constantly make an effort to disseminate knowledge, and its all free. Where does this knowledge come from? Simple we have been in the auto business in Canada for 2 generations, had an opportunity to see most aspects of the business.

At times its fascinating to see the "mainstream" catch up to our content in a delayed fashion. 

We don't have all the answers, never did, never will.

We know that we are disruptive.


We enjoy doing vehicle reviews, and ideally we prefer to review vehicles that capture our attention. Perhaps its the reason our reviews are rarely if ever negative. There is always "something" about the vehicles we review that is of interest to us. 

Why Do We Do It?

Its a passion, its fun, its disseminating a profound knowledge of the business, its exploring new thought vectors, its being disruptive, always gaining additional insight of  the various interactions.

Its the passion...





Driving in 2016

Way back in the day when cars were completely unsafe (compared to today), roads were not as congested, there was a liberating feeling driving most cars.

Obvious there were special moments, when driving a car that appealed to your emotions.

Back in the day, driving especially on the highway was liberating, and connecting. The car was the mobile phone, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, to name a few.

Obvious that back in the day the car was also a personal branding tool, folks did not have a Linkedin profile, but they showed up in "what car?"

We could keep on going, and going some more from when the car was a multi faceted tool. While driving with an unsafe vehicle was always an adventure.

How about driving in 2016?

Its a necessary evil to go from A to B on congested roads.

Cars are dramatically safer, more reliable, comfortable; do we really drive much faster? The speed limits have not changed, although its more relaxing with a modern car.

Today the fun factor last seconds, back in the day it could be several minutes.

Good thing that modern cars have fuel injection, and all sorts of technology to control the timing, spark advance, shift points. At the amount of time these vehicles spend congested traffic. An old school car would require all sorts of maintenance.

The challenge is that the distractions in amodern car are several orders of magnitude higher than in an old school car which basically had the radio buttons. Reflect on this for a moment. Distracted driving is a HUGE problem in 2016.



What Caught Our Attention in 2016

With a gazillion events all over the planet, short attention spans, sound bites all over the place, there is a bunch of stuff that grasps attention.

Here goes....


The unrelenting ferocious velocity of time is a competitive advantage.


Agreed its a vague word, but there is an upside and a downside. Sadly we too often see the downside.


Fascinating in a planet that is truly interconnected...human nature prevails with positive and negative.


Basically all good, and we have our preferences. The metal must resonate.

Autonomous Vehicles:

We are getting there with technology and still hurdles to overcome. It will be simpler with trucks platooning down the highway.

Pick Ups:

They are a constant, while the compact pick ups are gaining a new customer base.


Call them whatever...SUV-CUV and so on, most folks prefer a utility vehicle to a sedan its that simple.


After all is said and done we remain humans, with some specifications / traits that are very very old.


In Canada we continue to struggle with the meaning and expectations of the word.


Its increasingly all around us, are we prepared?


The correct boldness will generate long term results.

Connect Dots:

You absolutely need to connect your own dots.

Your Own Editor:

More than ever...


Full of wisdom, but yesterday's generation.




Boxing Day 2016

We must be in a humoristic mind set this morning. We know...Boxing Day started weeks ago.

But way back in the day...Boxing Day was the time to get serious savings, deals from many retailers. The idea was simple. We sell at full price up to Christmas, and then have specials, on ideally all the Christmas stuff that did not sell, and whatever seasonal inventory is too high.

Now with technology and heightened competition Boxing Day starts at the end of November, and keeps on going, and going, and going.

We hope that you spent time with family and friends, while enjoying a wonderful Christmas.

If you are fortunate to have a few days off, its the ideal time to step back for a fleeting moment, reflect, prior to engaging 2017.



Merry Christmas

From all of us to all of you...




1966 Dodge Coronet Hemi

Its a cool car, an original muscle car with a real Hemi. Jay Leno gives a concise description of what the car is all about, and the bragging rights of having a HEMI under the hood.




Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti. Join the conversation and please tell your friends.

Its almost Christmas, time flies, and hopefully you have all of your shopping done, with perhaps a few minor itmes still to do. Is it wishful thinking...

If you concluded that shopping at Christmas is a marathon testing your patience and stamina. We agree.

If you also concluded that service at most department stores is indifferent (being polite) we again agree with you.

Everything seems to be price or discount driven, its so much off here, and there, items have 2-3 prices, the discount is from the original price or the last marked price. Truly a fascinating game especially when you go to gets very interesting.

Finding items that capture your attention, that resonate with you. A bit of a challenge, its all discount driven, not item, customer appeal driven. Finding a correct size...Wow...there are several versions of the same size which varies by brand.

Volkswagen will spend a couple of billion dollars to resolve its "diesel issue" in Canada. It will be interesting to see how many customers will return their vehicles, and how many will be satisfied with some sort of a "fix".

Perhaps you heard of Herb Adams, especially if you had an interest in GM F Bodies (Trans Am/Camaro) way back in the day. In case you are not aware of Herb

Our usual old race cars from Daytona.




The Truck Thing

To be clear by truck we mean pick ups and the various sizes of utility vehicles.

This year we have seen the "truck thing" gain increased momentum in Canada, while some well entrenched models in the utility segment have been disrupted.

Yes...gas is reasonably inexpensive, although on a upward trajectory.

The sedan segment is taking a pounding from the truck utility segment. Everybody wants some sort of a truck/utility and it seems that nobody wants a car.

By now we know that pick ups are popular in many areas of Canada, except dense urban areas. Even in those areas the mid size pick ups are making some inroads.

The various sizes, and segments of utility vehicles are making serious inroads into the car segment. Especially the compact utilities which are quite versatile compared to sedans. The driver sits higher, in numerous instances its AWD, with a reasonable cargo area. Its a useful vehicle...offering a strong value proposition.

Will the truck thing continue in 2017? What do you think?