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Fresh Horizons

Its always exciting to start a new year.

You carry over "stuff" from the previous year, and look forward to "excitement" in the new year. Yes we can be sarcastic and merely say "same sh&t different year". There is always excitement accompanied by hope, and the thought that something if not everything will be better.

Its the human condition...

It keeps us going...


We are starting the year appreciably poorer that last year. At the start of 2015 the CDN dollar was at 85 cents, today its at 72 cents. Technology empowers us to cover the planet, we buy for less with our dollar around the planet.

Its a "fresh" challenge for 2016 that will have ongoing consequences during the year.


If you remember 2 years ago we started the year highlighting Assholes. Not much has changed since then, perhaps there are even more (the population increased).

Be assured that you need to deal with these folks on a ongoing basis...some things never change.

Gainful Employment

A reasonably well paying job, its a precious commodity in 2016. Folks gets creative, imaginative, to be employed. Fascinating to observe what folks will do to hang on to what they have.

In 2016 it might become even more fascinating.


We have a new government in Ottawa that will be challenged to keep their promises, adhering to their agenda, while dealing with an ever changing 2016 reality.

But its a fresh horizon for the country.


In 2016 you will need to ramp up your "editing" as we always say.


In 2016 "working with your hands" is a luxury...think about this.

Auto Business

Will be increasingly complex, and challenging in Canada this year (2016). Competitive too as usual. Will we break another sales record...probably not.


Increasingly the human aspect of a myriad of transactions will emerge in 2016. Technology is a given.

Have Mores

How do you become an "have mores" when technology empowers everyone to be an "have"?

Giving Back

Make it a point to give back, to get more.




Power Wagon

Do you remember Power Wagons? Informative video with Jay Leno on Power Wagons.





Happy New Year

From all of us...


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