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Mobility Business

Lets clarify a point or will it be a few points.

Today there are a lot of folks talking about mobility which is immediately interpreted as some sort of "self driving" or "autonomous" conveyance. Its also become an interesting catchword for a lot of folks.

When you reflect on it for a moment..."An auto dealer is in the people business to provide mobility".

You want or need a vehicle to go from A to B, and all vehicles today will get you from A to B.

Its that simple...

At Strada when we refer to mobility we prefer to think of it as the initial shift from ownership to having mobility on a monthly payment basis.

For decades in Canada we were ingrained in owning the mobility conveyance (car), there was a sense of pride in having ownership of the car.

Fast forward to today and the inexorable rise in consumer credit which is primarily driven by auto loans. It begs the question "Who owns a mobility conveyance?" Not many...

As you read the various virtues, and benefits of autonomous vehicles, from less accidents to car sharing, to vehicles returning home after a short commute...we could keep on going. In Canada we are already a few steps closer towards the model of AV's where less and less folks truly own a vehicle or are seeking an equity position in a vehicle.

Its costing me "So much per month" to have a conveyance that provides mobility.

Obvious that a lot of folks will still own their "toys" be it a car, a truck, motorcycle, hot rod. But the conveyance that is relegated to commuting, going from A to B, doing the errands. That one is on a "So much per month" basis.

Canada is steadily progressing in the "So much per month for mobility" since the past few years. Its the reason that we are seeing record sales.




Urban Congestion

We often make references to congestion on highways especially in major urban areas. Its traffic, it takes longer, it requires patience.

Although the photo is slightly out of focus, you can see that The Colonel travelled 29 kms at an average speed of 27 kph it took over 1 hour. The fuel economy was 15.1 L/100 kms...yes also a little chilly outside at minus 9 C.

There are sound bites about self driving cars, fuel economy, winter tires, and so on and on. Having to endure congestion is part of the urban reality these days. Do we really focus on how much time, and resources are wasted in dealing with congestion?

There are hundreds or is it thousands of vehicles/drivers enduring the same situation on that specific highway, at that time. Obvious there are several other highways/roads that are also congested.

As you sit in a car dealing with congestion its easy to immediately think about AV's (autonomous vehicles) that would make it more productive (on the premise that you could be doing something else). Then the thought goes to "Are we really on the cusp of having full on AV's?" and as you continue to crawl "Don't think so" immediately comes to mind.

Even as CES is going strong in Las Vegas and AV's are navigating parking lots, for some reason AV's in winter in Canada...perhaps its not a done deal just yet.

In the meantime we endure congested highways, poor usage of time, and resources (gasoline).



Canadian Sales - 2016

Our review of Canadian Sales for 2016.




Roller vs Flat Tappet Camshaft

Ever wonder how much more power you can get with a roller lifter and camshaft?

The answer...





Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, the first of 2017. Enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, and please tell your friend.

Hopefully you took a few days off, and this past week was your immersion into the 2017 reality. Its Canada's 150 Anniversary this year. We know Canada has been around for dramatically more than 150 years, but Canada the country will be 150 this year.

Probably not thinking about it, the Camaro is 50 years old this Reflect on this for a moment especially if you owned a 67 Camaro at one time or another, and perhaps if you still own a Camaro now.

Call it what you want, carbon tax, cap and trade, the reality is that CMS (Citizen Main Street) is paying more for gas in Ontario and a few other provinces. Is it a good thing? Time will tell, but its a great start to the year...or is it?

Agreed...its a busy month, CES going on now, NAIAS next week, the various auctions in Scottsdale, the Rolex 24 at Daytona, the World Economic Forum in Davos. Did we forget the inauguration of a new President in the US.

Canadian Sales

Although December was slightly behind last year, its been a record year, on top of a record year. It sort of leaves you for words...WoW. Yes...CMS (Citizen Main Street) is on a serious mobility streak in Canada.

Will it continue this year (2017) good question? What do you think.

Our usual old race cars a Visual Treat from Sebring...enjoy.




Think about this, dealers have been around for as long as cars have been around. The dealer/franchise business model has endured for decades.

Similar to AV's disrupting the established driving business model.

There are a bunch of forces that are disrupting the dealer business model, and the relationship between a manufacturer and the customer.

Will manufacturers or dealers bring about change? Highly unlikely.

Will the product drive some change? Probably...

Will the customer continue to drive change? Absolutely...




Autonomous Vehicles

We started talking about autonomous vehicles (AV's) a while back, and have featured several white papers on the future impact and viability of autonomous vehicles.

The question remains..."is it really just around the corner?"

As we start a new year we will surely hear more talk about AV's, technology, the cross roads of tech and auto companies competing for AV's. As well as CES that starts tomorrow in Las Vegas sucking some wind out of NAIAS which starts next week.

There is a ton of technology, stakeholders, from several directions. Let alone the various opinions from a myriad of experts, analysts, and various jurisdictions weighing in.

If you listen to some folks 2016 was the year that you could momentarily let go of the steering wheel. Be assured that this thought vector will continue this year.




Expect The Unexpected

Do we have advice for 2017? Simple..."Expect the unexpected"

If you think its going to happen it might not, and if you think its not going to happen it just might develop; so expect the unexpected.

As we always say, be your own editor, and connect your own dots.

Does it mean that everything will turn into a surprise? No...a lot of plans, goals, will develop as expected, but anticipate disruptions from directions that perhaps you did not consider.

Canadian Sales:

Do we expect Canadian Sales to set another record in 2017?

Utility Vehicles:

We all expect utility vehicles to continue their upward trend in replacing sedans.


We expect a continued shift towards "mobile".


Do we expect construction of new homes, and real estate to continue as a force in the Canadian economy?

We could keep on going, but you surely grasp our thought vector...



Fresh Start

Don't know about you, we always find it exciting to start a New Year.

We just turned the page on 2016, we hopefully learned few things, as well as made a contribution at least few times.

Now we engage 2017 which is 1 day shorter that 2016 (leap year) and probably a ton shorter with time accelerating the way its been doing for the past few years.

We hope you took time to "lighten up" and "clean up" some of the stuff you were dragging around in 2016, while keeping in mind that you will have to move a little faster, do it a little better in 2017.

We hope that you will be your own editor in 2017, and that you will share insight, make a contribution with the the folks around you, and especially your family. Invariably when you make a contribution you will get something back.

From our perspective 2017 is/will be a "pivot year" for the planet, and a lot of folks too.

That you have you filed a meticulous flight plan supported by presentations, and spread sheets, have your own "sort of" plan, or just plain rush into 2017. Ensure that you have Plan A and at least Plan B.

Be prepared to "pivot"...

Be prepared to enhance your personal brand...

Be prepared to deal wih assholes...

Be prepared to make a difference and a contribution...




Happy New Year

From all of us...our best whishes for 2017...