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Fresh Start

Don't know about you, we always find it exciting to start a New Year.

We just turned the page on 2016, we hopefully learned few things, as well as made a contribution at least few times.

Now we engage 2017 which is 1 day shorter that 2016 (leap year) and probably a ton shorter with time accelerating the way its been doing for the past few years.

We hope you took time to "lighten up" and "clean up" some of the stuff you were dragging around in 2016, while keeping in mind that you will have to move a little faster, do it a little better in 2017.

We hope that you will be your own editor in 2017, and that you will share insight, make a contribution with the the folks around you, and especially your family. Invariably when you make a contribution you will get something back.

From our perspective 2017 is/will be a "pivot year" for the planet, and a lot of folks too.

That you have you filed a meticulous flight plan supported by presentations, and spread sheets, have your own "sort of" plan, or just plain rush into 2017. Ensure that you have Plan A and at least Plan B.

Be prepared to "pivot"...

Be prepared to enhance your personal brand...

Be prepared to deal wih assholes...

Be prepared to make a difference and a contribution...



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