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Fuel Economy Reality

404 Southbound at the 401By now you know that we have an inherent affection for V8's, and The Colonel has never owned vehicles that made a statement towards fuel economy.

Here is the deal.

We constantly hear one comment or another towards fuel economy, and for the past few months the price of gas, and anything and everything that can be mentioned in between.

If you live in a major urban area you certainly endure traffic, congestion, and taking double the time to travel any distance. It struck us that with all the talk of fuel economy, the transportation infrastructure is totally against fuel economy.

Back to the V8, the other day we travelled 32 kilometers at an average speed of 28 KPH, generating a fuel economy of 18L per 100 kilometers. There were hundreds if not thousands of other vehicles in the same situation...

The car used almost 6 liters of gas over $7.00 to crawl in highway congestion....with cheaper gas saved about $2.00 while using the same amount of time. Time is the most precious commodity.

Manufacturers have to meet fuel economy standards, which by they way have altered in favor of larger vehicles. Perhaps CMS (Citizen Main Street) uses fuel economy as a purchase or lease decision. Mind you with the rash of SUV/CUV and pick ups it leads one to question the importance of fuel economy in the decision process.

While the vehicle transportation infrastructure of any urban center is totally counter productive towards fuel economy. There is no longer a specific rush hour, now its 24/7 of heavy or congested.

If you factor in the thousands of folks that use one form or another of public transportation and park their vehicles in the various commuter parking lots. Imagine all those folks on the road with their vehicle, making a contribution towards increased congestion and even poorer fuel economy.

The fuel economy of any vehicle is dramatically impacted by the transportation infrastructure.




Marketing The Mercedes Way

Informative interview from McKinsey that provides insight and perspective on how Mercedes-Benz is directing their customer interface.

Being in the people business remains the constant.





Vroom Room

Good Morning!

The last Friday of the month, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Looking back its been a positively frigid month. Although global warming is a reality, February was influenced by an unrelenting cold jet stream all month long. In addition to breaking a myriad of records for COLD. Must be winter...

Good thing gas is less expensive, and perhaps we are old school; with cold overnight and early morning temperatures we believe in warming up any vehicle for a few minutes.

Daytona 500

Did you notice the empty stands?

A typical NASCAR race at Daytona, which culminates in yellows, frustration, and NASCAR that tries to end a race on a green flag. Good thing the teams have appreciable budgets to wreck cars, and endure the litany of yellows, then red if a yellow is not enough.

Its the business of racing, not the sport of racing.

The exercise becomes intellectually insulting...and generates empty stands.

Congratulation to Joey Logano for the win, and being at the right place at the right time.

Canadian Sales

It will be revealing next week to see the February sales numbers for Canada, and the initial impact of the Alberta effect will start making its presence felt. As well as the frigid climatic conditions in eastern Canada.

If you missed our Apple and Cars take a look for our perspective.

Sebring Saga 1965, yes...50 year ago.





The Daring No Regrets

Another cool Cadillac video...yes its Edith Piaf singing...



427 Mystery Motor

If you are of a certain age you remember reading that in 1963 (over 50 years ago) Chevrolet had a big block mystery motor for the Daytona 500.

At the time, what we understand today as a big block Chevy intrigued a ton of people, Junior Johnson, and Smokey Yunick were involved with this mystery motor.

It was the engine that would replace the venerable 409.

Watch an epic dyno run of an original over 50 year old Smokey Yunick tweaked mystery motor. Notice the simplicity, the timing light, the age of the guys around the engine.