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Oldsmobile 442

Cars, guitars, dented headers, cool stuff with Jay Leno...



The Speedwrench

The other day while watching the drag racing video, the fellow using a speedwrench caught our attention.

Fascinating how an image immediately generates flash backs.

Obvious we need to get The Colonel involved, he is in a better position to remember speedwrenches...a nostalgia tool.

Q: When was a speedwrench used?

A- In most instances you would use a speedwrench to install a component with smaller than bigger screws or nuts.

Q- They were popular prior to the advent of power tools.

A- Absolutely, a speedwrench was the fast way of re installing components, and every individual probably had preferred uses for this tool. 

Q- Did you ever use a speedwrench?

A- What do you think? Timing covers, oil pans, great components to reinstall with a speedwrench.

Q- Tell us about an oil pan, those were the days of cork gaskets we assume.

A- Precisely, back in the day most oil pans had 7/16" bolts which were reasonobaly easy to remove with a speedwrench, or initially loosen with a ratchet, and continue with a speed wrench. 

Q- We are concluding that the motor is not in the car, its on some sort of engine stand.

A- Yes, the motor is out of the car, on an engine stand, turned over to easily get to the oil pan.

Q- The cork gaskets probably compressed a bit around the bolt areas.

A- You guys are good, compressed a bit? Usually it was more than just a bit, scrape off the gasket, re habilitate the oil pan around each bolt hole that had warped by the gasket crushing. 

Q- Flattening out the oil pan around the bolt holes required some time.

A- Obvious, remove the pan, wash it, inspect all the bolt holes, a speedwrench gained time in removing and re installing the pan. In most cases an extension was not required.





Global Sales YTD June 2014

When a few numbers tell the whole on chart to enlarge.



Dog Days of Summer

We are in the Dog Days of Summer.

Its a good time, to be whimsical, imaginative, creative, to lay back.

Increasingly we hear and read that succesful folks are up early in the morning, devoting quiet time to reflect on the day ahead. The Dog Days of Summer are an ideal time to review the half year that has gone by, and reflect on the second half that is ahead. While engaging in actitivtes that refresh and rejuvenate.

We hope that you take advantage of this time to refresh, and reflect. 

In our case we are sort of settled in to our new editorial offices, we are purposely taking our time, being methodical, being alert to what will further capture our attention and imagination.





Ferrari 330 P4

Fascinating video and comments...enjoy!